AgentFi Academy: Lesson 1

3 min readMar 19, 2024

AgentFi, Blastooor Agents, and DEX Balancer Strategy

Hello Agents! We’re excited to launch the AgentFi Academy series today. This multi-stage adventure is designed to demystify the basics of AgentFi, while also offering the potential of winning USDT rewards to those who participate and engage! Our mission with AgentFi Academy is to break down the complex ideas behind AgentFi’s product range, turning them into easily digestible lessons for all. Today, we focus on discussing AgentFi, Genesis Blastooor Agents, and our DEX Balancer Strategy. So, get ready, as we’re about to explore the fascinating universe of AgentFi!

AgentFi Academy

What it is: AgentFi Academy is an interactive educational series. Each lesson features an informative article followed by a short quiz on the Galxe platform. By logging attendance in Galxe, participants unlock access to the subsequent part of the series.

The Perks: Besides acquiring a wealth of financial knowledge, graduates of each AgentFi Academy stand a chance to win 250 USDT! Progress and completion of AgentFi Academy is facilitated through a Galxe campaign. More details can be found here.

The Timeline: The first lesson concludes on March 25th, 2024. We’ll distribute USDT rewards to one lucky winner on this day.

Topic 1: What is AgentFi?

AgentFi is the home of onchain agents. We’re a platform to create, customise and mint your own onchain AI agent to perform onchain actions on it’s own, without you having to lift a finger.

In an era where crypto bots have become ubiquitous, from keeper bots for liquidations on perpetual swap exchanges to sniping bots, the need for more sophisticated agents has never been clearer. Traditional bots operate on deterministic logic, executing predefined instructions, specifically as the creator intended.

AgentFi aims to transcend these limitations by developing non-deterministic agents capable of mimicking (desired) human behavior more closely. These agents will make decisions based on a variety of factors, such as the popularity of meme coins, or even adjusting their risk preferences in response to market influencers!

Topic 2: What is an Agent and what is the Blastooor Genesis Collection?

The Blastooor Genesis Collection is the first phase for AgentFi! We launched the Blastooor Genesis Collection on March 2, briefly after Blast’s mainnet launch. This collection consists of NFTs that are central to AgentFi’s vision, with each NFT acting as an agent.

These NFTs not only enable yield earning but also qualify their holders for 100% of AgentFi’s blast developer airdrop, with the rewards tailored to the holder’s level of engagement and the specific Blastooor owned. The flagship Blastooor Agent is designed to automate and optimize yield farming strategies within the Blast ecosystem, ensuring maximum returns and reward points through smart, automated strategy management.

Each NFT features a mini-wallet for managing funds, allowing for flexible strategy adjustments to maximize earnings.

Topic 3: What is the DEX Balancer Strategy?

Currently working on basket strategy where we will LP into various leading DEXs on-chain. You’ve probably seen our partnerships with Blasterswap, Monoswap, Thrusterswap, Ring Protocol.

With Blastooor Agents, leveraging the innovative ERC-6551/721 standard, AgentFi is introducing the first agent designed to automate high-yield strategies and securing airdrop rewards in the Blast ecosystem.

We’re excited to fire up innovative solutions to enable users unlocking new yield and reward farming opportunities on Blaster! You put your liquidity in, they do their thing.

Confirming Your Attendance at AgentFi Academy

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Complete the quiz in the AgentFi Academy Galxe Campaign to officially mark your attendance. That’s it! Your steps towards becoming an AgentFi Academy graduate are underway.

Next Steps

Good work on finishing this part of the AgentFi Academy! You now have a solid understanding of AgentFi, Blastooor Agents, and DEX Balancer Strategy.

Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. We look forward to seeing you at our next AgentFi Academy session! Make sure to follow our medium page for future lessons!




AgentFi is the home of onchain agents. We’re a platform to create, customise and mint your own onchain AI agent to perform onchain actions on it’s own.