AgentFi Academy: Lesson 2

4 min readApr 9, 2024


In today’s session of AgentFi Academy, we’re diving into two groundbreaking initiatives designed to enhance your experience and rewards within the AgentFi ecosystem: the Multipliooor Strategy and the AgentFi Credits Program. Let’s explore the core aspects of each!

Topic 1: What is The Multipliooor Strategy?

The Multipliooor Strategy is a strategy designed by AgentFi to significantly enhance your Blast points by automating the process of completing Blast multiplier tasks.

These tasks are special activities provided by the Blast team that permanently boost your points balance and earnings rate when you engage with selected protocols. All you need to do is give your Agent a small amount of ETH (0.003 ETH ~= $10), and it will automate the process for you!

A total of 12 unique Multipliers will be introduced gradually, each requiring interaction with different DApps and actions. The Multipliooor Strategy will automate all of this. The strategy eliminates the need for continuous monitoring and manual task completion, freeing up your time for other activities.

Topic 2: What is the AgentFi Credits Program?

The AgentFi Credits program is AgentFi’s points system. It’s designed to automatically recognize and reward the active participation of users using our Agents!

So how do I get Credits?

You start earning credits, you first need to buy a Blastooor Agent on element market. You can then deposit funds into the Agent’s strategy via our app to start earning credits!

What’s the formula for the credits?

The credits system is dicatated by the following formula:

Credits Rate (per hour)


Baseline Credits Rate * User TVL (denominated in ETH) * Time Multiplier * Bonus Multiplier

Give it to me straight, how do I earn the most credits?

  1. Get an Agent from element market (the more rare agents earn more points initially).
  2. Deploy strategies with the agents via the webapp.
  3. Put lots of funds in ASAP, and hold them for as long as possible.
  4. Get Bonus Multipliers to boost your AgentFi credits!

So what’s the Baseline Credits Rate?

The Baseline Credits Rate determines the base rate at which credits are earned per ETH staked for each hour. This rate starts at 2 credits per hour per ETH in the first epoch, and gradually decreases to 1 credit per hour by the fourth epoch. This decreasing scale incentivizes users to join the program early to maximize their rewards.

So what’s the Time Multiplier?

The Time Multiplier is used to incentivize and reward loyal users for continuing their participation on the platform. The longer each agent uses the platform, the higher its Time Multiplier is.

This multiplier is specific to each agent: it starts at a specific value and increases to a maximum of 2x. The starting value of this multiplier is determined by the rarity category of the user’s Blastooor Agent, with each category assigned a different initial multiplier:

Legendary Blastooor Agents receive a starting multiplier of 1.5x.

Rare Blastooor Agents receive a starting multiplier of 1.25x.

Pre-rare Blastooor Agents receive a starting multiplier of 1x.

So what’s the Bonus Multiplier?

Selective AgentFi partners and events will distribute a limited number of bonus codes, which will provide an additional multiplier to the agent (aka you get more credits!).

Each NFT can only use one bonus code and this multiplier can be applied at any time during the duration of the program. These Bonus Multipliers are very useful, so definitely try and get one! (check out the discord, and AMAs for the chance to win one!)

Confirming Your Attendance at AgentFi Academy

To mark your attendance for this session and progress towards graduation, complete the quiz in the AgentFi Academy Galxe Campaign (Lesson 2!).

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this part of the AgentFi Academy! Continue your journey by joining us on Discord, following us on Twitter for updates, and visiting to engage with our strategies. We’re excited to see you in our next session, where we’ll explore more ways to enhance your AgentFi experience.




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