Announcing the Thruster + Hyperlock CLM!

3 min readJul 5, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of AgentFi’s new Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy, a revolutionary solution tailored for optimizing liquidity provisioning on v3 products. AgentFi has now launched its Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy for Thruster for ETH/BLAST pool! The positions are then deposited into Hyperlock to boost your yield (they have 3x points right now, too!). Launch your v3 position powered by CLM today!

Important Reminder: To retain your points, you must claim and allocate them weekly. The weekly epoch runs from Thursday to Thursday. You can do this easily through the Hyperlock Webapp at

How Does the Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy Work?

The Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy is here to optimize concentrated liquidity positions, (i.e. Uniswap v3), through automated strategy rebalancing. When a position moves outside its initial range, the strategy rebalances it, centering it back to the ETH spot price with the same range. This dynamic adjustment ensures alignment with current market conditions. Before it is rebalanced, the strategy’s assets will likely not be evenly distributed (i.e. not 50/50).

How to launch my strategy?

1. Select a protocol!

We now have Thruster, Bladeswap & Blasterswap CLM available and are going to open up to the wider Blast ecosystem!

2. Select your token pair & fee tier!

Users will be able to select the token pair that they want for LP. This is currently limited to ETH/BLAST. We are always looking toward expanding for more pairs! Fee tiers are currently limited to 0.3% and 1%.

3. Select your range!

Users will be able to set a liquidity range for their v3 position (e.g., 10% around the current BLAST/ETH price).

4. Let the Agent manage the rebalances for you!

The Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy incorporates an automated rebalancing feature that dynamically optimizes liquidity positions based on market conditions. Should the market price deviate from the established LP range, the system intelligently adjusts this range to realign it with the prevailing market price, ensuring the strategy remains relevant and effective amid fluctuating market dynamics.

Launch your Strategy Today!

Launch your Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy today via the site!

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