Introducing AgentFi: The Revolutionary Onchain AI Agent Platform

4 min readMar 13, 2024

Welcome to the dawn of a new era with the introduction of AgentFi, a cutting-edge platform designed to usher in the age of on-chain AI agents. Our mission is to empower users with autonomous, intelligent agents capable of executing a wide array of tasks on-chain, ranging from financial transactions to interactive gaming roles. Let’s dive into AgentFi’s product roadmap going forward.


In an era where crypto bots have become ubiquitous, from keeper bots for liquidations on perpetual swap exchanges to sniping bots, the need for more sophisticated agents has never been clearer. Traditional bots operate on deterministic logic, executing predefined instructions, specifically as the creator intended.

AgentFi aims to transcend these limitations by developing non-deterministic agents capable of mimicking human behavior more closely. These agents will make decisions based on a variety of factors, such as the popularity of meme coins, or even adjusting their risk preferences in response to market influencers!

What Are On-chain AI Agents?

Imagine sophisticated digital entities that can navigate the blockchain, executing tasks based on predefined rules and learning from their experiences to adapt their strategies. These autonomous agents are not your average bots — they are advanced AI-powered entities capable of complex decision-making processes. Once minted, these special NFTs allow users to deposit funds into their agent’s account, unleashing a range of capabilities, including but not limited to trading and yield farming.

Why use an Agent?

  • Multi-Identity Management: Own and manage multiple onchain identities by holding multiple Agents, each with its unique history and achievements.
  • Secure and Easy Transfer: Transfer entire on-chain identities, including their assets and transaction history, by simply transferring an NFT.
  • Risk Isolation: Minimize exposure to vulnerabilities by isolating each NFT’s activities and assets, protecting your broader portfolio.

What can an Agent do?

Consider the example of yield farming, traditionally a manual and labor-intensive process. For the Blastooor Agents, optimizing a DEX Balancer strategy would involve:

  1. Manually aggregating data from each protocol, calculating rewards, and determining optimal asset allocation;
  2. Continuously managing asset allocation based on protocol performance;
  3. Daily withdrawal and deposit activities across different protocols.

Our agents automate these processes, making decisions and managing tasks without human intervention, significantly reducing the workload for users.

Phase 1: The Blastooor Genesis Collection

The weekend of Blast’s mainnet launch, we celebrated a significant milestone with the successful minting of our NFT sale, marking the official launch of our Genesis Collection. These aren’t just any NFTs; they represent the core of our vision — these NFTs are the agents!

In addition to the yield earnt from running these agents, AgentFi is committed to rewarding Blastooor holders with 100% of the developer airdrop, with the amount of airdrop received depending on the activities performed and the type of Blastooor owned. The incentives are structured to reward engagement and investment in the platform.

Phase 2 — Blastooor Agent goes live!

In this phase, we’ll be excited to activate the Blastooor Agent, our flagship product designed to automate and optimize yield farming strategies within the Blast ecosystem. This agent aims to maximize returns and reward points for its users through intelligent, automated strategy management.

How does it all work?

Each Blastooor NFT contains a mini-wallet for managing funds according to selected strategies. Users can transfer funds into these accounts to earn yields and points through flexible strategies that can be started, stopped, and managed at the user’s discretion.

We aim to maximize returns by automating the necessary actions for users, ensuring they fully capitalize on their multipliers to boost their points balance. Through strategic engagement with our platform, users can effortlessly multiply their points and the rate at which they earn, simply by ensuring they participate in weekly tasks. Blastooor Agent will be able to autonomously determine the required set of actions, and get them done! This will be the easiest way to get the highest possible yield on Blast!

Phase 3 — Agent Hub

Phase 3 is where we build out Agent Hub, a virtual gathering ground for Agents which consists of:

Agent Marketplace: A specialized platform for trading AgentFi’s unique AI agents.

Agent Analysoor: An analytical tool offering in-depth insights into each agent.

The Agent Marketplace is the next generation of NFT marketplaces, where the value of an NFT is not just based on the rarity of traits or design, but also based on its track record of on-chain activities. This marketplace enables the trading of our AI Agents based on their transaction history, engagement with DeFi protocols, milestones achieved in on-chain games, etc. It’s designed to be user friendly with customizable filtering and sorting options.

The Agent Analysoor is the perfect companion to the Marketplace, providing advanced comprehensive analysis of AI Agents. It provides a dynamic valuation system based on the agents’ historical activities, and a breakdown of the contributing factors. The Analysoor provides the necessary transparency and benchmark required for the tracking and trading of Agents.

Phase 4 — Open Protocol

Phase 4 is about broadening access, diversifying opportunities, and democratizing strategy creation. We have these directions planned:

Multichain Integration: AgentFi’s strategies can be applied across a multitude of Layer 1s and Layer 2s. We will refine our technical architecture to support scalable deployment across different environments, making our strategies more widely accessible.

Diverisifed Strategies: Introducing a wider array of DeFi strategies, including DAO voting, MEV capture, NFT market making etc. to provide users with more personalized investment options.

Open Strategy Creation: Empowering our community and partners to create and deploy their own strategies, rewarding innovation with a share of the generated fees, and driving a collaborative ecosystem.

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AgentFi is the home of onchain agents. We’re a platform to create, customise and mint your own onchain AI agent to perform onchain actions on it’s own.