New AgentFi Strategy: Looper 🔁

3 min readMay 29, 2024


Today, we’re excited to unveil our newest AgentFi strategy — the Looper strategy!

After the success of our DEX Balancer and the Multipliooor strategy, we are excited to reveal our latest strategy — the Looper Strategy. This strategy will give our Agents access to leveraged exposure to protocol points!

Let’s dive in!

Looper: A quick overview

  • This strategy is built upon the new Duo Exchange and Orbit Lending protocol.
  • It aims to maximize the major incentives provided by Orbit Lending’s Moon Pools for DETH and DUSD (Duo Exchange’s staked ETH and USDB positions).
  • Users deposit ETH or USDB — the strategy then mints DETH (or DUSD), lends it to Orbit Lending to earn rewards (points), borrows DETH (or DUSD) against the supplied position, and re-lends it on Orbit to earn more rewards!

Explain it to me in more detail!

By supplying their DETH and DUSD holdings into the lending pools, users can borrow against them, allowing them to hold a larger notional position in these assets (by borrowing assets against their supplied assets). This increased leverage translates into levered exposure to points and rewards. For v1 of this strategy, we are setting the leverage to 2x, involving multiple loops to achieve an overall LTV ratio of 0.5.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. User Deposits Asset: User deposits ETH/WETH or USDB!
  2. User Selects Mode: User selects to boost points or boost yields!
  3. Strategy is Launched: Strategy is launched, and the Agent now has DETH (or DUSD)!
  4. Agent Lends (Supplies) DETH and DUSD on Orbit Lending: Agent lends (supplies) holdings to the DETH or DUSD Moon Pool.
  5. Agent Borrows Against Lent Position: Users borrow additional DETH and DUSD on Orbit Lending, effectively increasing their exposure.
  6. Looping Process until 2x Leverage: This process involves multiple iterations to reach the target LTV of 0.5 (2x Leverage).

What assets can I deposit?


What are the rewards?

Duo Exchange

You have the option here — forgo your points for yield now, or keep your points to yourself and ride it out in the hopes of making it big!

Description: Taken from Duo Exchange’s docs!

Orbit Lending

  • Blast Gold
  • Blast Points
  • $ORBIT emissions
  • Ring Points
  • Particle Points

How to get started?

1. Visit the AgentFi App: Head over to

2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect wallet (e.g. Metamask, Rabby, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect).

3. Browse our Strategies: Take a look at our array of strategies within the ‘Strategy Factory’.

4. Launch Looper Strategy: Launch the Looper Strategy. Select the mode and asset to deposit.

5. Monitor Strategy: Once it’s deployed, monitor your Looper strategy’s performance in terms of rewards.

6. Withdraw (Optional): Withdrawing will unwind your position and return funds to your address.

What’s coming up in V2?

Some product features that will come in V2 include:

  • Choose your own Leverage
  • Increase or decrease leverage on an existing position
  • Partial Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Auto-deLeverager Manager

Before you go 👀

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